Here’s what you missed at Reetsweet Spring 2013

We just wanted to bob on here and say a huge thank you to everyone involved in making our fair possible on saturday, we had a brilliant and talented selection of makers, and a good crowd in to support us! Thanks also, to the folk at The Corn Exchange for hosting, and everyone who helped to publicise the event.

If you missed us, here’s a rundown of what you could have perused…(with links where available to buy online)

Big thanks to…
/That old chesnut
/Ed Boxall /Sallyann Jewellery
/Natasha Green
/Lou Bijoux
/Chrissie Freeth
/Amy Panda
/Charli’s Cupcakes

/The mouse ran up the clock

Reetsweet this saturday: The final roundup!…Sallyann Jewellery

Keep on popping back in the next 24 hours whilst we quickly run through the last of our bookingws for the fair this weekend.
If you love jewellery, you’re in for a treat, as we welcome a unique silver jeweller Sarah…
‘In 2010, I began an Interdisciplinary Art & Design
University course that in turn gave me to access to the fine metal/jewellery
workshop – I dropped the paintbrush and easel and found a Hammer and a bench. I
have not looked back since. I can’t get enough of the process of turning silver
sheet and wire into creations born from my mind into the portable art that is
I work predominately in sterling silver – my pieces are
classic and simple in design, although on occasion with quite complicated and
technical elements. Taking inspiration and starting themes from a number of
sources such as; Fairy stories and nature to fine art. My final year project is
based on the stories; Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel and Rumplestilskin.
The ‘Eclipse’ range takes its inspiration from the sun and
moons interaction during this time, the simple circle and the negative spaces
that occur within it.  Removing a section
and replacing elsewhere. Texture is then applied using various materials.
All my pieces are individually made with the intention and
aim to never recreate the same piece twice. 
On occasion I repurpose Sheffield sterling silver cutlery
items into jewellery – a spoon into a ring – a butter knife into a brooch. I
always use Sheffield silver items, as that’s my local assay stamp region. Some
people may frown on this, but I see it as giving the items a new lease of life,
bringing them from the backs of drawers and into the light –  how often do people really show their spoons
I love to work on commissioned pieces. Usually a piece of
jewellery is made, then through the purchasing and owning of it, memories and
emotions are then attached. By commissioning jewellery, emotions and memories
are used in its very design. It is born from those attachments. It is always more
then, than simply a piece of jewellery – it is a physical, tangible item that
will always invoke the memories and emotions that will be a powerful symbolic
object for the owner and subsequent generations that follow.
I create not
only jewellery, but portable art. I often, create a specific case or display
for the piece, to allow it to be viewed and on show, when not worn.’
See you on saturday – from 10am to 5pm at Leeds Corn Exchange!

New makers for the April Event: ‘The mouse ran up the clock’

What do you get if you take two sweet sisters from Holmfirth, mix a dash of eccentricity, and spoonful of fun? You get ‘The mouse ran up the clock’ of course, our newest reetsweeters..


Purveyors of the sweetest collection of  handmade and hand crafted and designed artwork including
quirky stitched mouse houses and trinkets, vintage pin cushions,
illustrated art, brooches, cushions and cards, you won’t find anything as delightful as this for a while…super, cute!

Catch them on April 6th with us at Leeds Corn Exchange and join us in the campaign against crap craft!

New maker for April: Suzy Jones of ‘Smallest Design Studio’

At reetsweet we love to celebrate the quirky, the bright and the beautiful! Suzy, with her business ‘Smallest’ pretty much sums up everything we love about handmade…

‘Smallest is a design company that specialises in handmade products for children and the young at heart.
The company was founded in 2012 by Suzy Jones. Inspired by her daughter, Suzy
refound her love of drawing and making. Smallest is growing from the
dining table to a studio based business with a passion for beautiful,
quirky and simple design.

All fabrics are designed by Suzy Jones and
printed using a combination of digital and screen printing processes.
Unique products are then created with love and care in the Smallest
design studio in Lancashire.  

Smallest’s dolls are all handmade by Suzy in her studio. She uses recycled, antique and upcycled material to produce these delicate, one of a kind characters.  Suzy takes her inspiration from the world around her, recurrent themes are science, nature and winter.’

April Fair Preview: Chrissie Freeth

Hailing from the fabulously crafty Saltaire, the mecca for northern artists, Chrissie Freeth will be joining us at the next Reetsweet on April 6th at Leeds Corn Exchange…

‘I first learned to weave twenty years ago on a replica Viking warp-weighted loom built by a friend. Although my career as an archaeologist tended to focus on other areas I continued to create and study textiles and yarn and enjoyed the informal mentoring of two friends and renowned textile conservators, Sonia O’Connor and Rob Janaway.  

Living in Saltaire it was impossible not to be
inspired by its history, vibrancy and creativity and last year I began
making and exhibiting hooked and prodded rag rugs, traditional mats that
would have once adorned every house in the village in one room or
another. I was used to exploring what interested me through the written
word but began to see other possibilities and was eventually able to
realise a dream when an old four shaft counterbalance floorloom came my

I live in a small cottage and it took some doing to
find somewhere for him to live, but from the get-go we were a team, his
dents, nicks and scratches guiding me through what needed to go where
and how. He provides the means for me to explore my creative side and
his technical and practical tantrums I have grown to love. He has also
given me that link to the past which as an archaeologist I have always
craved and when I sit before him I know I am making the same moves and
decisions others have made for centuries before me, and on equipment
that would have been little different to that they used.  

In recent years there has been a growing interest
in protecting heritage skills, skills which once have been commonplace
but are now on the verge of being forgotten. Whilst modern day
practitioners help to prevent their loss, unless they are shared there
is little point in their preservation and for that reason I am always
happy to teach, demonstrate and talk about spinning, weaving and my
work.I am a friend of the Heritage Crafts Association, a
member of the Guild of Long Draw Spinners and part of a Yorkshire based
group of energetic designer/makers called Craft Soup.’

April Fair Preview: Charli’s Cupcakes

We all need a sugary treat don’t we? We have a new cakey mistress coming to the april fair for you on the 6th, in the form of Charli… 

‘I began baking many years ago and I am now fortunate to spread the love of cake amongst the people of Yorskhire.  I do many fairs and large events and also help a lot of charities in their fundraising.’

Take a look at her website’

Twitter @charliscupcakes

Easter Fair Preview: Spoonfuls of love – Ceramics by Sarah Morris-Jones



I’d say we are all romantics at reetsweet, not necessarily soppy, hearts & kisses romantics, but we all enjoy a bit romance and wonder, and another thing we all love is ceramics…we are so glad to introduce to you Sarah Morris-Jones with her stunning feel-good ceramic collection…

‘I love to make things with clay and I love to collect spoons!!
I have been making ceramic spoons for quite some time now…some are
earthy, dark and chunky, like some ancient artefact dug up from the
ground…others are made from delicate porcelain clay, with a vintage
teatime appeal to them.

Sarah Jones-Morris Ceramics began when I completed my
ceramics degree in 2001. Since then I have continued to work creatively
as well as working as an art technician in a school.  I have designed and created a collection of ceramic spoons,
inspiration has been drawn from my welsh heritage and the tradition of
giving hand carved love spoons as a token of love and affection. Each
spoon is modelled by hand and then embellished with surface pattern
before being fired, then glazed and fired again. The spoons are sold individually or displayed in decorated box frames.

There is also the option to have the spoons personalised, creating an
individual and unique gift ideal for weddings, anniversaries,
christenings, birthdays and many other occasions.

My collection also includes a range of porcelain tea lights, each one
handmade and unique. Choose from antique lace or dotty design. Both
produce a lovely effect when lit from within and look beautiful
displayed in the home.  I also have a selection of smaller items available which include
decorative ceramic love hearts and birds, which can also be
personalised. An ideal smaller gift or decoration for the home.’

You can view her online store at ‘not on the high street’ or come see her at our next event april 6th, Leeds Corn Exchange.

April Event New Maker: Charming illustration work by Ed Boxall

We all need a little bit of magic in our lives, and we have a new maker for April who specialises in just that; meet Ed Boxall…
‘Ed Boxall is an artist, writer and printmaker.  In Ed’s work, warm, earthy images of family life mix with
magic and myth.
Many of his handmade prints capture moments from life:
children’s encounters with animals, walking on the beach, eating porridge and
peas. Other images have a more ambiguous poetry: people light fires in sea
shells and drift on empty seas’

‘His ‘Pearbox Books’ explore this world including ‘The Rooftop
Garden’, and his popular ‘Storm Tree Stories’.
“The Books have… an
almost spiritual sense of connection between people and places and the natural
world” (Katriona Chapman)

Ed performs his stories
with his own ‘magic lantern’ style projections and giant pop-up paper   cut out
silhouettes, illuminated with fairy lights.

“Beautifully, wonderfully, inspiringly tingle-making” (feedback
from a story telling session)

Ed graduated from St
Martin’s College in 1999. He had several books published by Walker books before
independently establishing his practice.’

April Event: New Maker ‘Dual Nation’ Jewellery

Way back in 2002 Tatty Devine in London kickstarted a revolution in modern jewellery, using plastics, and bold bright colours, they have inspired a generation of makers to think outside of the box and make fun, quirky, individual pieces that are affordable to all. As a big fan of this kind of thing at reetsweet, we were super excited to welcome on board Zoe, the designer/maker behind ‘Dual Nation’ jewellery…

‘Dual Nation is an up-and-coming jewellery label spearheaded by designer and maker, Zoë Alexandria Richardson.  Draped in silver and adorned with bells, her love of jewellery
stemmed from a young age and having already completed degrees in fashion
design and marketing, Zoë then enrolled in a diploma of creative
jewellery making at the London Jewellery School.

Focusing on handmade, statement pieces, Dual Nation draws inspiration from both British and Australian heritage.

Each piece of Dual Nation jewellery is lovingly handcrafted and we
don’t mass produce. Our collections are created in small production runs
as we believe in individuality and strive to create bold and curious
jewellery that won’t be seen anywhere else. Our products also come
beautifully packaged, making Dual Nation jewellery perfect for gifts or
as a special treat to yourself.’

April Event: Introducing ‘Pinegrove Leather’

There’s something about the smell of leather, and the way it ages so beautifully (like us all ladies and gents!) that time and again makes it a dream material. It lasts, it can be embossed, tooled, shaped, dyed, and made into wonderful objects. So, I was incredibly happy that the team from ‘Pinegrove Leather’ applied for the April fair…

The company is run by Rod Boyes and Lou Comerford, the name was born from a song Rod used to sing in ‘The Cajun Aces Dance Band’.  They describe their style as ‘modern vintage’, their work taking influences from art nouveau and old western america. The leather they use real and natural, and 100% ethically sourced.  

All their pieces are designed by them and made by local craftspeople in
Yorkshire and Lancashire.  They are proud of their products and believe
they should be should be well made and long lasting, so they only use high
quality leather and strong thread.  The range includes ipad and kindle cases, musicians case, passport holders and notebook covers.

We are very glad to have ‘Pinegrove Leather’ with us on April 6th at Leeds Corn Exchange! Flying the flag for ethically made british leather work…