Oui Oui Elodie G!

Hi there all! I have been slacking off this week as I had a nasty bout of tonsilitus! But I’m back with a vengeance with two new peeps to introduce you to, beginning with the works of Elodie G… Tell us a bit about youself!!.. I started doing indie pop fanzines in the mid-90s when I lived in France. It was all about D.I.Y. at the time, not ‘crafting’. Some of my cartoonist friends started a fanzine, around the same time, in my city (Nice) and I joined in to write about music. But it totally inspired me to start drawing my own cartoons! I moved to England in 1997, on the day of Lady Di’s funeral (and the pilot asked for a minute silence on the plane… So it’s stuck in my mind forever). I had a few years of Indie pop madness living with the legendary Shaun Alcock from The Real Losers and even shared a house with Mr James Green. I started a band, joined another, did lots of fanzines, started making bags that I sold at gigs… I even met Daniel Johnston and Jad Fair slept in my bed! One fine day, I moved to Sheffield, got married, started a comic called ‘Chop chop’ which was an anthology of people I knew in Sheffield who drew comics. Another fine day, I gave birth to teeny twin girls and got the sewing machine out again and slowly got back into sewing and making little handmade comics again! I get inspired by everyday things that make me smile, laugh or sometimes totally annoy me! Mr James Green and I decided to start doing craft fair this year. We are thoroughly enjoying it and I am very much looking forward to Reet Sweet as I lived in Leeds for 5 years!Elodie G will be appearing at reetsweet on Nov 7th at the leeds corn exchange selling her fantastic zines, prints and doodles…I can’t wait!

Who is James Green?…

Reetsweet would like you to meet James Green, one our latest additions…

‘I live in Sheffield with my wife and young son.

I create artwork using linocuts and copper-plate etchings. I am drawn towards simple graphic images, landscapes, animals, people and occasionally the ordinarily absurd. However you probably won’t see any unicorns in my work.

Influences are people like cartoonist Chris Ware, artists Stanley Spencer, Max Beckmann and Francisco Goya, and film- makers Werner Herzog, Jan Svankmajer and Mike Leigh. I have been creating printed artwork for probably the last 7 years (although i’ve only recently been trying to sell them), and also occasionally produce artwork for record sleeves too. I studied fine-art at university, but these days probably see myself more as a crafts-person than an artist.

I’ve had one of my pieces (‘Paris Buggy’) shortlisted for the 2007 ‘International Small Print Exhibition’, and was commissioned in 2008 by Paul Smith Menswear to design images for a range of t-shirts for sale in their Japanese stores. I’m a member of Sheffield craft-collective Craft Candy, and I sell mywork at various fairs/markets and also via my Folksy shop. I also am a musician and have a band called ‘The Big Eyes Family Players’ ‘

Stunning photography stallholder to announce..

Reetsweet would like to introduce to you Kate, this is some of her work from 78Design who will be appearing at the Corn Exchange with us on Nov 7th…

‘I have always been passionate about art and photography since being young, and love to capture real emotion and feeling in an image.

Running 78 design allows me to meet other creative and talented people and I love meeting new clients and building that relationship with them so that I can capture the essence of their personalities in my images…’

A quick Q&A with Sophie from ‘Imogen’s Imagination’…your new favourite lady!

Reetsweet: Sophie, how did Imogen’s Imagination start out?

Imogen’s Imagination is the result of desire…albeit my desire to have a new hat to wear to every burlesque night I attended and not having the funds to do so! I started the label in 2005 and within weeks I was stocking the alternative shop Ultravixen (coincidentally the founder of Peek-a-boo, the first burlesque night in Sheffield). I was also privileged to be featured in Total Tattoo Magazine as part of an Ultravixen fashion spread with the delightful Kitten von Mew as the resident pin-up. In September 2008 I re-launched Imogen’s Imagination with vigour and now present to you the much expanded business you now see. Whilst the original ideas originated with burlesque roots, it now aims to offer bespoke headwear to meet a much broader client base and to suit all occasions. Imogen’s Imagination has now developed into a brand which provides everything from smaller hair accessories to a brand new collection of hand blocked vintage style hats which are totally on trend for Autumn/Winter 2010.

How do you continue to be inspired?

Inspiration is vital for fuelling imagination and I find it in many guises. Be it vintage millinery, current fashion trends, the glitz of burlesque or something as simple as finding a new flower from a supplier, these references all influence my designs. I love anything that can be worn at a jaunty angle thus filling the wearer with increased inner confidence and a sense of downright gorgeousness. Sometimes though, the inspiration is the client. When Katy of Serendipity Photography commissioned her red felt trilby for her personal photography project, it seemed natural to source a strawberry print lining to compliment her red strawberry logo. The lining fabric was provided by Sarah Waterhouse a Sheffield based designer who prints her designs by hand and Katy was thrilled with the results. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=434224&id=215477190200&page=2 My inspiration for the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection was very simply the things I love in the world most apart from anything sparkly…animal print, fur and 50’s themes. Luckily these were also the key themes which ran throughout the international fashion shows earlier in the year. I have taken these elements and given them my own very wearable, desirable and down right strokable twist. If youd like a sneaky peek, you can find them here: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=495962&id=83326905523 http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=495313&id=83326905523

How did you get involved with Reetsweet?

My involvement with Reetsweet came about by a chance meeting with Rebecca at the Marvellous Tea Dance at the Faversham earlier in the year. I was very honoured to be invited as a stallholder at the next Reetsweet event and I’m really looking forward to it!

Reetsweet would like to thank Sophie for her interview….you can see Sophie’s work at the fair in the corn exchange on Nov 7th

lilidrawspictures…at reetsweet Nov 7th!

It was once said that you should not keep things in your home that you do not consider neither beautiful nor useful…there is nothing like that here at reetsweet: you will find pretty things that you can enjoy everyday!…Introducing another stallholder: Lilidrawspictures…

Lilidrawspictures’ crafts are all stunningly pretty and incredibly useful, they belong in any girls’ home. Kay Guccione who owns and runs Lilidrawspictures, designs and makes original mod-ish clothing, super-strong book bags, brooches, clutch purses and notebooks all upcycled from waste fabric, old paper/card, vintage buttons, unloved ribbon, thrown away tape measures…Ed, her husband, is the website wunderkind and they live in Sheffield, Steel City.
‘Lilidrawspictures’ will be appearing at reetsweet on Nov 7th at the corn exchange in Leeds….

all hands on deck at reetsweet HQ!…and check out these sexy people:

We have been very busy here typing, printing, emailing, sending carrier pidgeons and drinking tea, tea and more tea…and we were delighted to get an email today saying that our event has been featured by the lovely people at CREATIVE BOOM in their news section:


Don’t they look lovely? And we are super happy to have been featured! CREATIVE BOOM are an online magazine and network community that aims to celebrate, inspire and support the creative industries throughout the UK and the rest of the world – so get involved!


something for the weekend, for the ladies, for your next tea party…lianne mellor

I love cake, I am not going to lie, I am no size 6 and I never deny myself a wee treat! Now, Lianne Mellor’s designs are like chocolate made of china – sweet, delicious, fun and they make me smile! Yet they are calorie free! YUM! Just look at this cake stand…Lianne will be appearing at reetsweet’s craft event at the corn exhange in leeds on Nov 7th…see you there!

Introducing Julia from ‘The Mistress Collection’…saucy!

A short Q&A today with Julia one of our stallholders attending at reetsweet in november…

What was the inspiration behind your craft?

To create luxury lingerie which is handmade, personal and of a very high quality. To create products which are elegant and playful, classy and a little bit provocative.

Who do you imagine enjoys and buys them? The Mistress Collection sells to both women and men; providing brides with knickers personalised with their new married names (or other meaningful phrases!); and presents for Valentines, Christmas and birthdays. Our wide range of colours and options for embroidery and Swarovski crystals mean they can be very personal items.

…OMG! Imogen!

Here’s a sneaky peek of one of our confirmed exhibitors….get those pennies out!!…

Reetsweet Craft Event is on 11am-4pm, at leeds Corn Exchange sunday nov 7th! x

Reetsweet took a day off…

My fringe went wacky so no, no pictures please! Reetsweet took the day off and went to alton towers today for a little R&R. Turned into a lovely sunny day and managed to be brave and do all the scary ones! Weirdly there were a lot of kids there considering it’s term time! Annoying.

We have a few more confirmed exhibitors to post tomorrow – keep watching!
Any suggestions for the soundtrack for the fair? Email me: reetsweetevents@gmail.com