Introducing : Hashtag House


We still get chills when a new maker applies and are a total belter…cue major gushing over Hashtag House. The brand is owned and operated by Laura, a graphic design graduate who trained at  Huddersfield Uni, where she fell in love with lasercutting.Over the last year Laura has developed a range of products using natural materials such as wood and paper, from beautiful prints, to stunning iphone cases and lasercut wood art.


Hashtag House


Over the last year Laura has developed a range of products using natural materials such as wood and paper, from beautiful prints, to stunning iphone cases and lasercut wood art.

Her whimsical style, comforting popular references such as coffee and the great outdoors create a unique and lovable collection.  Catch her on Sat 28th Nov in Leeds with us. 


Hashtag House hh3

Meet the Maker : Jodie Anna

Jodie Anna


The lovely Jodie Anna works from her home studio in the small village of Carlton in West Yorkshire famous for its Rhubarb and she creates illustrations based around the idea of childhood memories.


Jodie Anna


Captivated by the idea of how an object or any image can trigger memories and feelings of nostalgia; Jodie Anna creates illustrations narrating some of her happiest childhood memories, such as summers spent along the east coast to long evenings building dens, in the woods surrounding her childhood home (she also shares our obsession for tea!).


Jodie Anna


Jodie Anna then develops her illustrations in photoshop to add lovely vintage patterns to each item and to create a crisp finished image. All illustrations are then printed onto shrink plastic and heat shrunk to create beautiful pieces of wearable memories, which she hopes will bring a smile to its wearer.


Jodie Anna


Jodie has been part of reetsweet for some time now and has taken part in a number of our events, we’re super excited to have her back and to see her latest collections!


Jodie Anna

Reetsweet returns this month!


Illustration by Jil Made This



Hey there Reetsweeters!

So, there may be a few bits and bobs to finish off but this is basically our new home! What do you think? We’d had the old website up for a few years and needed a change so this new one is much easier to use, mobile friendly and we think you’ll find – a *lot* more fun! Plus we have an all-new Instagram feed!  Hurrah! Given us a cheeky follow yet?

Without further ado we’ll be starting to profile some of our fave new makers on here leading right up to the next event on Sat 28th Nov at Leeds Corn Exchange…we’re pretty stoked to be back and we hope you’ll come down!

Times have been hard for many people over the past couple of years with the cuts, bad things going on all over the place and let’s face it – the little guy getting trampled on – so let’s hope we all have a peaceful and lovely festive season and we hope reetsweet can add a lil’ something to your Christmas shopping experience!




So, it’s been a while! Reetsweet had a bit of break in 2014 due to my ever so hectic schedule as a social media monkey for a fashion brand!  I’ve learnt a LOT in the past year and I miss the buzz of the fairs and so I’m back and planning a fair in Nov and again in Spring ’16…

This is my face – hi!

Submissions are open, and you can apply here until 16th August, the after careful deliberations the stall holders will all be notified by Aug 23rd so you have plenty of time to get yourself ready!  A big thanks to all the makers who have said such kind things about the fairs, the Leeds Corn Exchange for hosting us and the awesome customers who make it all happen!!

See you in November and look out for sneaky previews and competitions on here and on our new Instagram page so get you in the mood for some awesome handmade…

Big love from us to you!

We hope you enjoyed the fair on Saturday, we certainly did! If you missed out, don’t forget that you can shop online with almost all of our makers! Big thanks to everyone that came along and shopped with us, the corn exchange for hosting us and all the very super talented makers who were such a pleasure to work with! We hope you’re feeling christmassy!

x Reetsweet x

 Laura Shelton




A mountain of love: Meet 'Red Paper House'

We still get incredibly excited about new makers we meet along the way putting together Reetsweet. Amy from ‘Red paper house’ had to be hunted down by us because we love her work so much we were desperate for her to appear!

Working using paper and wood, Amy creates touching, delicate, pretty work inspired by nature featuring woodland motifs and mountainous peaks. You’ll also find her photography work on display which features the great outdoors as well.

So make a date next Saturday and come see us at reetsweet designer maker fair at Leeds Corn Exchange?

I dream in pattern: Meet ‘Punto Belle’

If you had the chance to make your own print and design your dream pattern – would it be light and airy, small and pretty or bold and fun? ‘Punto Belle’ aka Lois would most certainly be described as the latter – bold, fun – with a little bit of aztec, crazy and beautiful all thrown in. Only 24, and with a degree in textile design Lois dreams of opening her own shop and designs beautifully handcrafted accessories out of her own patterned fabrics;

I began Punto Belle I have dreamed about designing my own fabrics, as I
did study textile design at university I know that my skills of pattern
making couldn’t go to waste so, I cracked on and began designing. I
can’t tell you how much happier I am now I have my own fabrics, I
believe that this is a whole new chapter of Punto Belle and I believe
that good things will come from this decision. My first ever fabric
collection, called Go Geometric is just the start as I plan to release
new fabrics every season correlating with new colour trends and seasons
You can read all about Lois’ exploits and designs on her lovely blog here, or come and chat to her at reetsweet on Dec 7th.

China gurl: we heart ‘The Art Salon’

We all know that at reetsweet we love a splash of colour, a bit of humour, sillyness and fashion in our handmade – but you know what we also love? Sheer prettiness…The Art Salon specialises in one of a kind homewares – all with a high fashion, super pretty finish.

They’ve just opened at Redbrick Mill in Batley where ‘the work on display is inspired by a love of decorative art, objects and design. All objects and artworks are lovingly handmade by Rebecca Appleby with selected items exhibited by other designer-makers…’

The aim is to create a gallery-shop that showcases a varied and continually changing selection of original, unique pieces, and you can catch these pieces in Leeds city centre in the buzz of Christmas at reetsweet on Dec 7th. Hurrah!

Today’s confession: Reetsweet is a knitwear stalker.


A few years ago we set up reetsweet because my friends and I were sick of two things – 1) bad craft fairs aka ‘crap crafts’ full of stuff that wasn’t handmade and wasn’t even nice and 2) we wanted to meet other makers and bring handmade to the highstreet!

Around this time one of us bought our friend a scarf from Knit & Destroy and thus our mission to one day have Kandy come to reetsweet was born and this year she’s with us for the christmas show no less. OMG. Yes, we said OMG….you can expect crazy knitting and PERFECT GIFTS. Oh yeah.

Little cutie: Meet Yee Ting Yuit

At reetsweet we continue to be surprised and delighted by the work that is submitted to us and the joy it often brings: life can be tough but it’s these little things that add a smile to people’s days and that’s important.
The work of Yee Ting Yuit sums up this joy; it’s full of humour, colour and love and we’re proud to have her at the December event.
Yee graduated from Falmouth College of Arts and works full time freelance creating logos, design and website visuals and also has her own online shop. She loves tea, sushi and crochet. Our ideal kind of lady!