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Colour your spring with Maggie Magoo


There’s just something about having a day pottering at home over Easter, having a little clean, cooking something tasty and relaxing – it really puts us in the mood for spring! We think Maggie Maggo’s contemporary patterns are just the thing for brightening up your Easter weekend and rewarding yourself for your spring clean…


“I’m a surface pattern designer/maker/printer. I design bright, colourful contemporary textiles, prints & notebooks. I have a shop on Etsy & sell in several independent shops in the UK. I‘ve recently rediscovered my love of embroidery & have begun translating some of my printed textile designs into embroidered pieces…” Maggie

mag2 mag3 mag4 mag6

Come and find her at our event this coming weekend and as they say in Parks & Rec – ‘Treat Yo’self’…

Meet our Instagram crush…

corin beth designs

Hands up those of you who have a Instagram crush?  *waves hands* Yes, we all have a person – male or female, a blogger or maker that we simply LUST after.  Not necessarily in a sexy way – more in a ERMAGHERD I LOVE YOU way,  what they make, and their general vibe.  You feel me?

Corin Beth Designs is ours at the moment… and she’ll be exhibiting at the next reetsweet YAY!!  High fives all round…Corin boasts a strong collection of home and giftware, which serves as a decorative and functional purpose for the home.  Her collection offers a range of playful illustrated products such as coasters, tea towels and cushions, as well as printed cards for all occasions.

corin beth designs corin beth designs

She can’t go a day without drawing and working on her designs from her studio in a little town called Hinckley, taking inspiration from her everyday travels, translating her drawings into patterns and placement prints for her design collection.  She’s our kinda gal pal, come and meet her in person on Sat 26th March at Leeds Corn Exchange!

corin beth designs


A tree-lightful new booking…

Bio Photo Lia Haynes Damson Wood Necklace

Every now and again we come across a new maker that simply make us smile! New booking Lia Haynes is one of them. Making one of a kind wooden jewellery her simple statement pieces are minimal and elegant, yet utterly warm and lovable…

“Growing up I was always a hoarder of bizarre or mundane objects that I couldn’t bring myself to throw away. Within these items away from their original purpose, I saw some form of beauty, or interesting feature. My favourite of all were pieces taken from nature, such as broken or fallen wood. Using this inspiration of beauty in the used, the pre-loved or abandoned, I finally found a way to utilise these items into a craft – by creating beautiful objects for people to wear!”

Bark Necklace - 01 Bark Necklace - 04

“My mission is to bring attention and appreciation to used wood, promoting up-cycling and recycling by crafting one of a kind, bespoke items! I live and work in Leeds, with organic/found/sustainably sourced wood to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, alongside my large scale mixed-media canvases of woodland landscapes…”

Wooden Fencepost Necklace - 02

Music to get you feeling creative by Melodies


Feeling stuck in a creative rut this week? Need to get your juices flowing? We chatted to maker extraordinaire Gemma Fozzard aka Melodies who’s a regular Reetsweeter and all-round GOOD EGG about what her ideal studio playlist would be…

“Well first of all, I’m a bit of a full on fangirl at the moment and spend most of my time listening to The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones Podcasts! The life of a maker can be very solitary!…Buuut when I do put on the tunes BBC 6music is my station of choice and the tracks I would chose to get my creative juices flowing would be…”

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Zero
2. Primal Scream – Swastica Eyes
3. Jake Bugg – King Pin
4. The Research – Lonely hearts still beat the same
5. Pavement – Flux = Rad
6. The Stone Roses – I am the Resurrection
7. iForward Russia! – Twelve
8. The Strokes – Hard to explain
9. The Futureheads – The old dun cow (acapella)
10. Le Tigre – Deceptacon

We’ve event created it for you on Spotify, get it here and get your groove on…!

Catch Gemma at the next fair in Leeds on Sat 26th March from 10am.


New bookings for spring…


It seems that spring is *almost* in the air (let’s ignore the rainy days and focus on the odd blue skies, okay?) and everyone’s feeling creative!

We’ve had a slew of exciting new bookings, from illustrators, to felt makers, to mega zine writers…Reetsweet March is looking hella good. Top of the newbies includes ‘Plewsy’ aka Fiona Fawcett…

Tell us about how ‘Plewsy’ came about?

It all started with six greetings cards, an etsy shop and a lot of support from my pals! After graduating with a graphic design degree in 2012, I spent some time working in a branding and marketing agency, learning lots about paper stocks, pantone colours and printing techniques. In 2014 { with a little help from The Princes Trust } I fully launched Plewsy and now my range of paper products and homewares are stocked across the UK in some lovely shops!

Plewsy Plewsy

What’s your favourite piece?

It’s got to be my grumpy little Bobby bear – he’s wrapped up for winter in his wooly scarf. The original illustration was created from layering watercolours and inks, but now he’s popped up on a greetings card, notebook and china mug!

How do you stay fresh and motivated?

I spend a lot of time outdoors in the countryside with my puppy, Noddy – fresh air, colours and textures are a big inspiration! Motivation is a tricky one, mostly I’m really easily self motivated by setting small daily, weekly and monthly goals to work towards!


What do listen to when you’re working?

Yesterday was a throwback of 90’s RnB (hahaha)… but usually it’s calmer acoustic stuff.

What fairs are you doing this year?

I’m kicking off the year with this fab Reetsweet fair, then onto two trade shows in the summer; Pulse and Home & Gift. I’d love to do Renegade too!


Catch Fiona and our other reetsweeters on Sat 26th March at Leeds Corn Exchange!


Lou BijouxSarah Pearson began her line of unique handmade jewellery in 2009 – the same year that reetsweet first got off the ground, Loubijoux was born.

Using carefully sourced one off vintage findings mixed with new, she creates whimsical and charming pieces that anyone can wear.  She’s pretty much our go-to for that hard to buy girl at Christmas and to be honest, we usually get one for ourselves too…

Lou Bijoux

Shop her latest pieces this Saturday in Leeds at our winter market at Leeds Corn Exchange!

Lou Bijoux



Maker Preview : You Make Me

You make me


A few years ago Etsy and Folksy were awash with the whole laser cut jewellery trend, some makers did some amazing work, others gave this type of jewellery a bad name.  Now only the strong survive in the laser cut game and Emily is a stone-cold winner at this craft!


you make me


Her brand ‘You Make Me’ is the result of  life-long obsession with all things kitsch! From 1950’s tea pots to 60’s toys, she’s inspired by bright colours and cheerful characters and every piece is laser cut and hand assembled in her studio on the North east coast.


you make me


We think that some of these pieces are going to make some pretty darn awesome xmas gifts at the fair this coming Saturday at Leeds Corn Exchange!


you make me


you make me

Introducing : Hashtag House


We still get chills when a new maker applies and are a total belter…cue major gushing over Hashtag House. The brand is owned and operated by Laura, a graphic design graduate who trained at  Huddersfield Uni, where she fell in love with lasercutting.Over the last year Laura has developed a range of products using natural materials such as wood and paper, from beautiful prints, to stunning iphone cases and lasercut wood art.


Hashtag House


Over the last year Laura has developed a range of products using natural materials such as wood and paper, from beautiful prints, to stunning iphone cases and lasercut wood art.

Her whimsical style, comforting popular references such as coffee and the great outdoors create a unique and lovable collection.  Catch her on Sat 28th Nov in Leeds with us. 


Hashtag House hh3

Meet the Maker : Jodie Anna

Jodie Anna


The lovely Jodie Anna works from her home studio in the small village of Carlton in West Yorkshire famous for its Rhubarb and she creates illustrations based around the idea of childhood memories.


Jodie Anna


Captivated by the idea of how an object or any image can trigger memories and feelings of nostalgia; Jodie Anna creates illustrations narrating some of her happiest childhood memories, such as summers spent along the east coast to long evenings building dens, in the woods surrounding her childhood home (she also shares our obsession for tea!).


Jodie Anna


Jodie Anna then develops her illustrations in photoshop to add lovely vintage patterns to each item and to create a crisp finished image. All illustrations are then printed onto shrink plastic and heat shrunk to create beautiful pieces of wearable memories, which she hopes will bring a smile to its wearer.


Jodie Anna


Jodie has been part of reetsweet for some time now and has taken part in a number of our events, we’re super excited to have her back and to see her latest collections!


Jodie Anna