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New maker preview: Becci Maryanne at the april event

I am so excited about the next event, I mean, I get excited about them all, but in april there’s always a little more spring in everyone’s step, the weather’s getting nicer, the days longer and the heating needs to be put on less, I just love it. I am also in love with a new artist that will be with us on april 6th, her wonderfully weird and pretty work will definitely be something I’ll be hanging on my walls this year;

‘I’m Becci Maryanne –
an illustrator/artist based in Leeds. I am
somewhat obsessed with science magazines and evolution and things like that. I
guess that as a result of that fascination, I’ve grown sort of obsessed with

I think that a lot of popular art now tries to make a statement. Which is fine
– but mine doesn’t. I get asked all the time what my things mean. They mean nothing beyond the fact that I think that animals
are stunning and ridiculously awesome. I like to imagine the lives that
they have. It’s shit to think that a bird just sits around all day waiting to
die. I prefer the idea that when he’s singing in the morning, he’s actually
yelling at his Mrs because she didn’t come home last night and he heard from
Tony that she was at Paul’s. That’s why I make the things I do. I like the idea
that my art is just fun – it makes people smile and it’s weird/intriguing to
look at. 

People can make up their own minds about what it means or what’s
actually even happening in it! I much prefer that level of interactivity.
I use mainly ink and watercolour to make my paintings, but sometimes I’ll very
lightly collage – generally I use science magazines, just to sort of fit
in with everything else. I like the fact that my paintings of animals are
sort of wrapped in people writing about the science behind animals.’

Thanks Leeds!…Back in April!

Big thanks to all the makers who took part in our fair on Sat 2nd Feb, it was a great day and fantastic seeing so many regular visitors’ faces! Pop over to our website to read about our next event, meanwhile enjoy these images of some of the top picks of the day! Boom!

New maker: Hayley Louise Crann

Over the years we have hosted some original and stunning illustrators, and I am delighted to announce a new maker with a fresh and dynamic style…

is an Artist and Designer who has a passion for creating intricate hand
drawings and designs. Focusing on different textures and details to create life
like sketches Hayley’s bases her work around wildlife and their surrounding
environment, she has always had a love of nature therefore it is the main
inspiration behind the works she creates. 

Sketching all of the different
aspects first she then creates a composition with them using Photoshop. Having
had an interest in art from a young age Hayley spent five years studying Art
and Design at Leeds College of Art and has recently graduated with a BA(Hons) in Printed
Textile and Surface Pattern Design. Based in Leeds Hayley now has a collection
of drawings in limited edition prints and greetings cards she is now trying to
promote herself by taking part in art fairs and competitions and has been
awarded a certificate of ‘Outstanding Art’ from the online gallery ‘Light,
Space and Time’ and was awarded 2nd place in an arts competition held in

Find us at Leeds Corn Exchange from 10am until 5pm this Saturday 2nd February, visit our online gallery here to see past events.

Feb fair preview: Print making heaven…

We seem to be building up teams of makers here at reetsweet who are also best friends, or shall we simply say, two for the price of one? Two other awesome ladies will be hitting us up with some handmade goodness on saturday…

Kirstie Williams 
Kirstie is a practising designer and printmaker. Her current
practice focuses on screen and relief printing and she makes cards, gift
wrap, gift boxes and limited edition prints. She
has an MA in Textile Design from Chelsea College of Art, where she
specialised in resist dyeing techniques. She currently works part time
as a print technician at Leeds College of Art and is studying for a PGCE
in Further and Higher Education.

Mintprint by Miriam Trent

surface patterns and print designs concentrate on good colour,
shape and form. References to the decorative arts from the 1920’s
until the 1970’s can be seen in her work. Her stylish, contemporary art
prints (monotype, linocut prints and screenprints) function to decorate
walls, in home interiors and commercial premises. She has a new range
of hand screen printed lampshades and kitchen textiles under her brand

Feb Fair Preview: Two amazing ladies…

We have two makers for your perusal today, (I know my generosity knows no bounds!) Jenny and Lucy, two very talented designer/makers who will be sharing a stall at the Feb event on the 2nd. 
Old friends, with big ideas, I think you’ll find it hard to pick what to buy from these beauties, I pretty much want it all, as always!…

Coo & Co
The Coo & co brand was established in 2011 as the vehicle for the work of
designer/ maker Jenny McCabe.

The mission behind Coo & co is to use natural and where
possible recycled and upcycled materials, to make useful and stylish textile

All of Coo & co’s work is printed and made lovingly by
hand one at a time, it is produced in a small studio near the beautiful Lake
District in the northwest of England. All our inks are water based and
environmentally friendly, we reuse as many off cuts as possible within our
designs so nothing is wasted.

Jenny’s designs are inspired by her observations of the
natural world, all the designs come from original drawings and are worked with
in the sketchbook until a pattern starts to emerge. The choice of fabrics is
very important to the style, natural and raw linens and cottons work best,
lending their beautiful imperfections to each piece.

Little lost soul
Lucy Pass has worked as a freelance artist since leaving college in 2005,
producing commissioned oil paintings and expanding her personal port-folio. Her
work is figurative and often interspersed with geometric shapes and blocks of
colour. More recently she has rekindled her love of printing and fashion
design. This has allowed her to look at her work from a new perspective, taking
the strongest sections of her paintings and translating them into simplified, streamlined
images. These images can then be printed as repeating patterns or as one
distinct design, to be used on a broad range of products.

Not content unless her hands are busy making something,
there has never been a time when art hasn’t dominated Lucy’s life. She believes
that being surrounded by art and design can only have a positive impact, so
making it accessible to everybody, even to the smallest degree, is extremely

Feb Fair Previews: Oldies (but goodies!)

Hello again from us!

Happy New Year, we trust you had an excellent rest over the festive period? So, January, not much fun, or glamour to it is there? Well for a bit of brightening up, we thought that throughout January we shall be posting our top picks and previews for the Feb event in Leeds on Feb 2nd. 

To get us started we thought we might give your appetite for sexy craft a little tease with a look at some returning makers who have taken part before in the last 3 years who will be with us in Feb….these folk represent the very best in handmade and they epitomise what reetsweet is all about!

Bec Gilray from ‘Doyoupunctuate?’
Letterpress obsessive, this lovely lady makes all manner of printed goods, cards, stationery, gift wrap, all with a unique and refeshing tone, we love her.

Sarah Fordham aka ‘Magasin’
Mental crosstitcher the likes of which can either delight or confuse, (we frickin’ love her humour!) she handstitches badges, earrings, cufflinks and even makes crosstitch boobies! One to watch! We love her giant crosstich brooches the best.

Kim from ‘Finest Imaginary’
Has blossomed from being a part time jewellery designer in to a top class independent full time maker, an incredibly popular blogger and stationer.. there doesn’t seem to be much she can’t do and every event she has new ideas and seasonal items! 

Reetsweet’s Christmas Wonders from Dec 1st…

Hey campers!

Are you feeling christmassy yet? Here at reetsweet we certainly are after last saturday, there were so many talented makers and so many lovely things! Here’s a few photos of our very favourites, plus you can check out the whole fair’s gallery here.

We have a nice long christmas break now, so get your biscuits out, your big socks on, and have a wonderful, handmade christmas! We will see you again in February (meanwhile click on the pics to buy from the maker!).


Rebecca @ reetsweet

New maker: Nicola Hanrahan

I hope you don’t judge me, but one of my favourite things to do this time of year is to make a cuppa (milk, with one), get some biscuits (a whole packet, let’s be honest!), a dvd and my pjs and be all cosy with the heating on, I love a biscuit love-in!  One of our new makers Nicola Hanrahan must, it seems have a biscuit+bird obsession… 

I’m Nicola, and I’m an illustrator and surface pattern designer from
Leeds. I realised my love of illustration and how it could be applied to
printed textiles while studying Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern Design at Leeds College of Art.
I graduated in 2009, and since then I have been designing new patterns
and getting them digitally printed onto fabric. I make cushions, purses
and other crafty bits and bobs from the fabric, along with designing
cards featuring my illustrations.

Wildlife and the British countryside are my main source
of inspiration, particularly flowers and garden birds. I like to create
a naturalistic yet quirky feel with my work, by drawing animals and
birds with tea sets, sweets and treats! Going
for walks and playing in my Mum and Granny’s gardens were a key part of
my childhood. They were full of life and character, and particularly as
a child they always seemed magical and exciting. This, combined with
the children’s books I used to read (particularly Beatrix Potter and
Molly Brett, who created gorgeous stories accompanied with adorable illustrations), are what started off my love of nature and illustration!

Along with my designs reflecting beautiful British nature, I source all of my materials from the UK and as locally as I can. My
dream is to devote all my time to illustrating, designing patterns, and
making things to sell from the patterned fabric (whilst having a
menagerie of animals to look after, including a pond with ducks and a
donkey in the yard!).’
See her at our next event…Dec 1st Leeds Corn Exchange.

Dec fair preview: ‘Tuesday’s Child’

We are so excited about this new maker – Nicola Robson of ‘Tuesday’s Child’.  Nicola makes impressively finished, original jewellery focusing on themes about woodland animals and seafaring, and they are simply perfect gifts.  She will be joining us at our last event for 2012 at Leeds Corn Exchange on Dec 1st…

‘I started up
Tuesday’s Child after graduating a Fashion Marketing degree at
Northumbria University. I set up a studio on the family farm in
Northumberland where I started making jewellery from scratch using the
lost wax casting process. I take inspiration from many places including travel, the British countryside and vintage jewellery. My aim was to create a truly crafted collection of simple
pieces with a focus on detail that makes my jewellery unique. I also
wanted to create jewellery that was affordable and would last a
lifetime. I recently relocated to Leeds.’

New maker profile: ‘Hand over your fairy cakes’


We love jewellery, and we are super duper excited about our new friend Sally from ‘Hand over your fairy cakes’.  An original, quirky and fun artist working in acrylic jewellery:

‘I’m Sally and I’ve been designing and making jewellery in the living
room of my flat in Glasgow, much to my flatmate’s annoyance, since 2006…

…I like to use bright colours and multiple layers of acrylic to make
bright, unique jewellery.  I begin designing my
jewellery by scribbling my ideas onto paper then turning my favourite
ones into vectors using Inkscape. I then send these designs to be
lasercut from bright 3mm acrylic sheets. 

…When my newly cut shapes arrive
I then glue the pieces together to form the final piece. Sometimes they
don’t quite work the first (or second, or even third!) time and I have
to alter the vector drawing and have it re-cut. It’s a great feeling
when it all comes together though!’

Sally joins us for the 1st time at reetsweet on Dec 1st at Leeds Corn Exchange…free entry as always!