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Introducing Magnetic Deluxe

One of the easiest things to buy those we love is a great piece of handmade jewellery. Something unique that captures their personality that’s been carefully made rather than mass produced always impresses.
For the Dec fair we are proud to be bringing Magnetic Deluxe to the corn exchange. 

Describing themselves as “…metal heads with a minimise to maximise design ethos, applied lovingly by hand to precious metals and jewels to create geometric shapes that are, wearable and make a statement. Items are designed with the wearer in mind, making comfortable and distinctive accessories you can wear everyday…”

All designs are made by hand in the UK by Laura-Jane Hemsley – a Leeds based jewellery designer producing contemporary, statement jewellery, hand made in small quantities in her studio.
Inspired by a love of angular shapes, symmetry and minimalism, Laura-Jane uses traditional silversmithing techniques, translucent acrylics and Swarovski Crystals to create her designs. Catch her at reetsweet on Dec 7th or find her online at: 
TWITTER: @magneticdeluxe

Reet tweet: welcome back Nicola Hanrahan

Nicola Hanrahan has presented her beautiful and original work at reetsweet before; a Leeds art college graduate she produces lovely illustrations inspired by nature, with a hint of a sweet tooth.

She presents her work in a range of ways; from her lovely new seasonal cards, to luxurious cushions, definitely one to get your Xmas presents from at the fair! 

Get your knickers in a twist: meet Colie co

Here at reetsweet we love a bit if luxury: whether it’s tea with posher than usual biscuits or a piece of pretty silk – we all need some treats in life!

Colie co got in touch with us and will be coming to the next fair with their handmade knickers, pj shorts and other luxury, ethically made treats.
Colie Co is a brand that specialises in ethical but beautiful fashion all hand made in a studio in Yorkshire. All fabric is sourced locally or scraps that were going to be thrown away are used or they are made from old garments that have reached the end of their life. All buttons used are vintage or are re-used from old garments, and the sew in labels are even woven in the UK.

We’re very excited about meeting them at our next event, head to for more info.

Can I knit it? Yes you can! : Meet Studio Aitch

I don’t know about you but at reetsweet HQ (also known as a chilly flat in Leeds) we are itching to put the heating on, but trying oh-so-hard to wait until the last moment. So knits is what we need, and Harriet from Studio Aitch will be back on Dec 7th at reetsweet with her utterly gorgeous pieces including her handhuggers which will keep us toasty, and her prints and brooches – which will warm your hearts instead. Hurrah! 

She’s a local gal, hailing from Sheffield and works from her home studio there. Here’s just a taste of what you can expect from this awesome maker:


The first of the gang… Mulberry Bush

The first of our December reetsweeters is a a very clean and sweet smelling lady; Rachel Beardsmore of ‘Mulberry Bush’ – a luxury soap company…

foray into soapmaking began earlier this year following a purchase of a
handmade soap bar for a friend as a birthday gift. I found myself
wondering how soap was produced, googled it and while searching I
stumbled across a “soap school” close to home with an introductory
course in how to make cold process soap only a matter of weeks away. I
thought it was fate and booked myself on it immediately, since then I’ve
been hooked!’

We love the chocolate easter-egg feel of these beautiful objects, they are full of personality and humour. The scents are intriguing and at christmas these are the perfect antidote to those difficult to buy for folk everyone knows! We welcome Rachel on board.

Well, how the devil have you been?

Hello folks!

We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer and enjoyed yourselves! We went to Beacon’s Festival, baked a lot of cake and started making our very own jewellery line – woop! But we’re back and here to please, with a new designer/maker event in Leeds at The Corn Exchange on Sat Dec 7th.

The perfect day to come to town all cosy in your mittens, have a piece of cake, a cuppa and buy some crafty treats for those you love! Hope to see you there…


Here’s what you missed at Reetsweet Spring 2013

We just wanted to bob on here and say a huge thank you to everyone involved in making our fair possible on saturday, we had a brilliant and talented selection of makers, and a good crowd in to support us! Thanks also, to the folk at The Corn Exchange for hosting, and everyone who helped to publicise the event.

If you missed us, here’s a rundown of what you could have perused…(with links where available to buy online)

Big thanks to…
/That old chesnut
/Ed Boxall /Sallyann Jewellery
/Natasha Green
/Lou Bijoux
/Chrissie Freeth
/Amy Panda
/Charli’s Cupcakes

/The mouse ran up the clock

Reetsweet this saturday: The final roundup!…Sallyann Jewellery

Keep on popping back in the next 24 hours whilst we quickly run through the last of our bookingws for the fair this weekend.
If you love jewellery, you’re in for a treat, as we welcome a unique silver jeweller Sarah…
‘In 2010, I began an Interdisciplinary Art & Design
University course that in turn gave me to access to the fine metal/jewellery
workshop – I dropped the paintbrush and easel and found a Hammer and a bench. I
have not looked back since. I can’t get enough of the process of turning silver
sheet and wire into creations born from my mind into the portable art that is
I work predominately in sterling silver – my pieces are
classic and simple in design, although on occasion with quite complicated and
technical elements. Taking inspiration and starting themes from a number of
sources such as; Fairy stories and nature to fine art. My final year project is
based on the stories; Princess and the Pea, Rapunzel and Rumplestilskin.
The ‘Eclipse’ range takes its inspiration from the sun and
moons interaction during this time, the simple circle and the negative spaces
that occur within it.  Removing a section
and replacing elsewhere. Texture is then applied using various materials.
All my pieces are individually made with the intention and
aim to never recreate the same piece twice. 
On occasion I repurpose Sheffield sterling silver cutlery
items into jewellery – a spoon into a ring – a butter knife into a brooch. I
always use Sheffield silver items, as that’s my local assay stamp region. Some
people may frown on this, but I see it as giving the items a new lease of life,
bringing them from the backs of drawers and into the light –  how often do people really show their spoons
I love to work on commissioned pieces. Usually a piece of
jewellery is made, then through the purchasing and owning of it, memories and
emotions are then attached. By commissioning jewellery, emotions and memories
are used in its very design. It is born from those attachments. It is always more
then, than simply a piece of jewellery – it is a physical, tangible item that
will always invoke the memories and emotions that will be a powerful symbolic
object for the owner and subsequent generations that follow.
I create not
only jewellery, but portable art. I often, create a specific case or display
for the piece, to allow it to be viewed and on show, when not worn.’
See you on saturday – from 10am to 5pm at Leeds Corn Exchange!

New makers for the April Event: ‘The mouse ran up the clock’

What do you get if you take two sweet sisters from Holmfirth, mix a dash of eccentricity, and spoonful of fun? You get ‘The mouse ran up the clock’ of course, our newest reetsweeters..


Purveyors of the sweetest collection of  handmade and hand crafted and designed artwork including
quirky stitched mouse houses and trinkets, vintage pin cushions,
illustrated art, brooches, cushions and cards, you won’t find anything as delightful as this for a while…super, cute!

Catch them on April 6th with us at Leeds Corn Exchange and join us in the campaign against crap craft!