A tree-lightful new booking…

Bio Photo Lia Haynes Damson Wood Necklace

Every now and again we come across a new maker that simply make us smile! New booking Lia Haynes is one of them. Making one of a kind wooden jewellery her simple statement pieces are minimal and elegant, yet utterly warm and lovable…

“Growing up I was always a hoarder of bizarre or mundane objects that I couldn’t bring myself to throw away. Within these items away from their original purpose, I saw some form of beauty, or interesting feature. My favourite of all were pieces taken from nature, such as broken or fallen wood. Using this inspiration of beauty in the used, the pre-loved or abandoned, I finally found a way to utilise these items into a craft – by creating beautiful objects for people to wear!”

Bark Necklace - 01 Bark Necklace - 04

“My mission is to bring attention and appreciation to used wood, promoting up-cycling and recycling by crafting one of a kind, bespoke items! I live and work in Leeds, with organic/found/sustainably sourced wood to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, alongside my large scale mixed-media canvases of woodland landscapes…”

Wooden Fencepost Necklace - 02