Meet our Instagram crush…

corin beth designs

Hands up those of you who have a Instagram crush?  *waves hands* Yes, we all have a person – male or female, a blogger or maker that we simply LUST after.  Not necessarily in a sexy way – more in a ERMAGHERD I LOVE YOU way,  what they make, and their general vibe.  You feel me?

Corin Beth Designs is ours at the moment… and she’ll be exhibiting at the next reetsweet YAY!!  High fives all round…Corin boasts a strong collection of home and giftware, which serves as a decorative and functional purpose for the home.  Her collection offers a range of playful illustrated products such as coasters, tea towels and cushions, as well as printed cards for all occasions.

corin beth designs corin beth designs

She can’t go a day without drawing and working on her designs from her studio in a little town called Hinckley, taking inspiration from her everyday travels, translating her drawings into patterns and placement prints for her design collection.  She’s our kinda gal pal, come and meet her in person on Sat 26th March at Leeds Corn Exchange!

corin beth designs